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Artisans on Fire

You may have noticed from my stories and posts over the past six weeks that I’ve been doing some work with a company named Artisans On Fire. This work has been some of my favorite work to date; including the glitter self portraits, the infamous fuck off lips, and the past few sets I’ve shot of Kenzie.

Artisans on Fire is a marketing and creative agency serving cannabis brands throughout Nevada. I’m excited to say they’ve asked me to join their team and I have taken on the role of content creator and photographer. Since I’m based in Seattle and the team is based in Las Vegas, you can find me in Las Vegas once a month working with them.

Last week, I had the chance to fly out to Las Vegas and work alongside the guys in person for the first time. Over the course of four days we shot for a handful of brands and brought some incredible visions to life - everything from product shots to high fashion to fitness. We visited Thrive Market Place, stopped by the Moxie facility, and ran through Calico Basin. The trip took some serious scheduling, rolling with the punches, and a whole lot of weed. It was the most uplifting, busy, and exciting work trip I’ve had the opportunity of experiencing. And I get to do it once a month. It still hasn't set in that this is all real. Whether I'm in Las Vegas working in person with them or I'm in Seattle, it's amazing to have a team that supports my ideas and allows me the freedom to create the work I want.

If you want to see my work from the trip in the upcoming weeks, you should follow along on these Instagram accounts! I'll be posting to my account as well, but you'll see it on these pages first.

As for now, I'll be in Seattle for a few more days, playing catch up with life, and then it's on to the next quick adventure.

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