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Come As You Are | Connecting Over Cannabis

While I was down in Los Angeles for the holidays, I spent one of my mornings with Olivia, Rachel, and Roxanne. It was one of the best mornings, full of coffee, joints, and laughter. Every time I get to be with these women, I walk away feeling uplifted, inspired, and supported. This is what it's all about - they are what it's all about.

Here's a quick background on my forever weed crushes in case you aren't familiar.

Olivia is the weed queen behind @weed.bae, the reason Budd Feed exists, and the brains behind Third Eye Agency.

Rachel, more commonly known as Wolfie (@wolfiememes) is constantly slinging jokes, makes incredible weed memes and is the most hilarious co-host on the Budd Feed pot-cast.

Roxanne is the genius behind Fruit Slabs. Vegan fruit leathers infused with THC. Yeah, I said vegan. She is also leading sales for Legion of Bloom and absolutely crushing it.

These are hard working women. They are determined, motivated, and driven. Beyond that, they are kind and welcoming. They create a space where ideas can grow and possibilities are endless. There's a positive force that happens when women connect with each other and choose to lift one another up. That is exactly what these ladies do - they cheer each other on. The energy that is present when one of these ladies is around is contagious. Without cannabis, we wouldn't have connected. Cannabis doesn't only bring balance to life by smoking it, but also because it's a way to connect with others; and let me tell you, we thrive on human connection. These friendships are what makes life feel so full. I'm glad these ladies are a part of my life, and I'm grateful to call them friends.

Having a community that welcomes each other for who they are is something I have always dreamed of. Now it's here, and it's something we get to build together. Cheers to these ladies for continuing to spread the love and sharing the powers of cannabis.

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