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2016 to 2017 | Come As You Are

For me 2016 was a monumental year because I started thiscannabislife, but still I was excited to see it go and felt refreshed when 2017 arrived. This past year had some really wonderful highs and there were some rough lows too.

I began thiscannabislife knowing that not everyone in my life would be thrilled about it. Since starting I've seen a wide range of reactions from encouragement and support to being de-friended on social networks. For the most part, it's been an over flowing amount of love. It took time to shed the fear and wash away the worries of what those around me would think. Ultimately, it felt freeing to no longer hide such a substantial part of my life.

I wasn't the pothead that everyone pictured. I was still a daughter, a sister, a girlfriend. My values didn't change and my morals weren't thrown out the window. My job path took a wild turn, yes, but I've never been happier. It actually wasn't until I was open about my cannabis use that it felt like life started falling into place.

To do your best, to reach your full potential, you just need to come as you are. So here's to 2017, to loving ourselves, and to ending the stigma.

Pullover // Wild Fang

Hair + Makeup // @beautybyrandolyn

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