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Come As You Are | Let's Grow Together

One thing I have loved about working within the cannabis industry is watching the people around me grow, and growing with them too. Whether it's Kenzie, who I've known long before thiscannabislife, or Mandee, who I've only just met but feel deeply connected to, growing alongside these powerful ladies is honestly one of the best parts of the job.

With Kenzie, I've watched her grow into her role as a stylist, going from talking about ideas to executing them, and then also take on modeling like it's no big deal. Every set that Kenzie is on is simply wonderful through and through - you can ask anyone. She's the first one to offer help and the last one to leave when the work day is done. She is kind hearted and creative beyond belief. I don't know where I would be with thiscannabislife without Kenzie. She's helped bring so many of my ideas to life, and has spent I don't even know how many mornings running around Seattle with me to make them happen. Kenzie was one of the first people within my friend group that I went to when I started thiscannabislife, and she's been cheering me on the entire way.

Being able to grow in a work setting with people I can call friends is something I still can't fathom at times. I was really fortunate to have Kenzie with me for this ride from the beginning, and now I am fortunate for all of those that I am meeting along the way.

Meeting Mandee has already made this journey immensely better. From tips on lighting and lenses to blogging and lookbook, she knows it all. I feel extremely lucky to know such a talented photographer who is humble, grounded, and willing to share knowledge. Thankful doesn't even begin to describe how I feel when it comes to this community that surrounds me.

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