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Morgan English is a unique hybrid of photographer, writer and entrepreneur who created @ThisCannabisLife to redefine how cannabis is portrayed and end the stigma against cannabis users. TCL portrays people using cannabis as part of an active lifestyle. She created @TCL as a platform to educate and inform on using cannabis for self care, in the home and to lifestyle trends within the industry. TCL authors influential content along with her network of influencers, artists and cannabis colleagues that are pushing the future of cannabis forward. TCL is for the informed cannabis connoisseur and cannabis-related wellness and lifestyle trends.

Girl smoking with writing on her face
  • What is This Cannabis Life?
    This Cannabis Life started when I was noticing that my personal style of cannabis users were not being represented in popular media. Ads were filled with nug shots and grow rooms and woman in revealing attire but no one was taking any images of the clean lifestyle I lived as a cannabis user. Thusly, lifestyle cannabis photography was born and I am proud to be at the forefront of its conception.
  • Can I work with you?
    Of course! I love working with new clients and the thrill of creating original imagery. I'd love to work with everyone and will get back to any messages as soon as I can.
  • Do you take all your own photographs?
    I take all my own photos and edit my photos myself. For a lot of self-portraits I am using a tripod and self-timer but that doesn't mean I won't occasionally hand the camera to an assistant if we've got to get the shot just perfect.
  • Can I smoke weed with you?
    Absolutely! If we ever get a chance to work together or you catch me at an event, don't hesitate to pass me a joint.
  • Do you work off trade?
    As much as I know your product is awesome, a girl's gotta pay her bills so, unfortunately, I do not work off of trade.
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